There are only about 100 mineral species that can be considered to be real gemstones. The technical term for gemstones is a mineral or organic material used for display or adornment.

There are many types of gemstones available in many different forms. The most common way of buying gemstones is in the form of women’s jewelry.

Investing in gemstones can be a great option for anyone interested in this area. Especially since these gemstones usually have special meanings and properties.

Keep reading to find out more about the different types of gemstones available.


One of the best gemstones is going to be Tanzanite. This gemstone has a bright navy blue color and is considered to be one of the rarest types of gemstones.

It is so rare that a few people have ever seen this gemstone, let alone owned it. These gemstones have saturated color and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

There is a lot more on Tanzanite gemstone options that you may find interesting. If you are a true gemstone lover, this is something that you may want to consider investing in.


A beautiful gemstone option is Tsavorite, which is a bold green color. This saturated gemstone is a high-value gemstone that makes a great addition to any collection.

It is considered to be relatively new since most people have only recently learned about it. Despite that fact, Tsavorite is a gemstone that has been around for billions of years.

Its bold green color is often paired with gold to create beautiful gemstone jewelry.

Fancy Tanzanite

One of the rarest types of gemstones is fancy Tanzanite. This is the same type of Tanzanite we spoke about above, but it is a much rarer variety.

These gemstones come in a variety of rare and hard-to-find colors. This includes pinks, oranges, and yellows that really make a statement.

Tanzanite is already a rare gemstone, but these colors are especially hard to find. Only true gemstone enthusiasts are going to be buying gemstones of this value.

Rhodolite Garnet

One of the finest red garnets is going to be the Rhodolite Garnet. This is a raspberry red gemstone that also comes in more purply hues.

You can find this gemstone in east Africa, and the name is Greek, meaning colored like a rose. This gemstone has an incredibly intense color that shimmers with hints of pink, red, and purple.

It's considered to be one of the best gemstones in the world, and the best varieties are in Tanzania.

Fancy Sapphire

One of these types of gemstones that you may not have heard about is fancy sapphires. This is a type of sapphire that has been untreated, so you see it in its natural beauty.

Many sapphires go through treatment and may even go through a color change. Untreated fancy sapphires come in a variety of beautiful shades.

You can find these gemstones in bright yellows, oranges, pinks, purples, and lavender. These colors are sharp and clear, creating stunning gemstone jewelry or display pieces.


Most people are already aware of gemstone options like rubies. This is one of the most commonly recognized gemstones with its bold red color.

The best rubies are found in Africa and are often used in jewelry. It is important to find high-quality ruby gemstones that you can trust when making this investment.


The best Tourmalines are usually found in east Africa. These gemstones provided some of the most unusual colors you are going to find in any variety.

There are a lot of Tourmaline gemstones available, but they are not all of high quality. These can often be found, but the colors will not be as true, making them less valuable.

Some of the rarer varieties have a mixture of colors or can be found in rare peach or orange colors. Bright pink, soft green, and bright emerald are also common colors.


If you are looking for a sky-blue colored gemstone, aquamarine gemstones are the way to go. These are found in a beautiful crystal blue color that is hard to find anywhere else.

The meaning behind the name is water or sea, which is very fitting for the shade of blue. Some greenish-blue colors are also available, providing a rarer look.

Something that people may not realize is that the aquamarine gemstone is the closest cousin to the emerald gemstone.

Malaia Garnet

Another rare find is the Malaia Garnet, which is a burnt orange color. Although there are colors available that are more pink or red, depending on your preference.

This is a very rare gemstone that is not going to be easy to find. It is a favorite of gemstone enthusiasts that like to collect the most unordinary options.

It is a mix of two types of garnet, which is why it has such a unique color. Its name is Swahili and means misfit since Tanzanian miners had never seen this color before.


One of the most popular types of gemstones is the Spinel gemstone. It is a widely coveted stone that has a high refractive index that makes it extra sparkly.

It comes in a variety of pastel colors, from purples to reds to peaks. It is also one of the only two additions that was added to the birthstone list as the August birthstone.

A Guide to the Different Types of Gemstones

If you enjoy buying gemstones, you should learn more about the types of gemstones available. There are so many gemstones to choose from they have different meanings and different colors.

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